Monday, November 28, 2011

Items 17 and 18: Victoria and Secret.

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Don't I wish I could throw Miranda Kerr out as well. Good grief does she look like a photoshopped, emaciated alien.

No, I just got rid of my two most uncomfortable bras. Now I'm down to 8 in total. I'm going for 7. Do I really need more than one a day each week? That seems like plenty of styles to give me some variety and meet my needs.

Really, how many bras and panties does a woman need? Before I get to today's reckoning, let's take a poll:

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Now, let's try a reality check:

[polldaddy poll=5704603]

Was there a difference in your answers? For most of us there is. What's the solution?

Probably depends on how much you love Vickie's. Some people like to have no two alike. I prefer versatility. I like the idea of getting everything in black, replacing items as they wear out. No worry about mis-matching tops and bottoms in the morning (or at night..) And if there were a sexier color than black, why do women AND men love the little black dress so much?

~ The Reckoning ~

Original Cost: Likely around $40 each.

What convinced me to get rid of them: One word: Madonna.

That, and I realized that I only wear them when everything else is in the wash. Never should've bought them in the first place.

Fate: The Planet Aid clothes donation box in our basement.

Total $ wasted on junk so far this year: $153. Ouch.

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