Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Item 4: Cake Plate

This one isn't getting a picture, because it was a wedding gift.

Gifts are often some of the hardest things to part with. But we realized that it was huge, fragile, and honestly, ugly.  How to decide whether to part with a gift? Let's see:

  • do you love it?

  • do you have room for it?

  • do you have occasion to use it more than once a year?

  • is it unlikely to break before it would get used?

  • is the person who gave it to you likely to end up at your house?

If any of these are no, get rid of it!

And now, the reckoning.

Cost:    $0.

Fate:    freecycle. I made someone else really happy!

What convinced me to let it go?  Well, I answered "NO!" to all five of the questions above. Out it went.

Total $ wasted on junk so far: $13. 

(and in case this person does show up at our door, we'll just say it got smashed in our last move.)

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