Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Item 14: Extra Coffee Pot

One of many duplicates we found we had after my husband and I moved in together. Shame it took me over a year of marriage before we decided to part with it. Especially given that neither one of us drinks coffee.

The Reckoning:

Cost: I think my husband spent about $20 on this.

What convinced me to get rid of it: Seeing both of our coffee pots stacked up on top of our cabinets while I was digging for a mug for tea, the only hot caffeinated beverage we drink.

Fate: The "free box" area in our apartment complex's basement.

Total money wasted on junk this year: $73.


  1. LOVE the 365-declutter challenge! I especially enjoy how you're tracking the money spent. I have so much stuff I have to declutter using those giant brown paper lawn & leaf bags -- about two a month -- and I would probably sink into a deep depression if I started counting costs! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for commenting! Oh dear, I definitely know about the gigantic garbage bags of stuff. That's my fate when I finally face the pile of my college stuff that's still in my parents' basement. One bag at a time, you can do it!


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