Organizing My $$$

After my husband and I separated I realized that my life was a financial mess, even at age 32. Here's my plan for 2015 to get my financial house in order.

1. Get $2,500 into savings
2. Start a change jar to save for car insurance ($800 due May 2016)
3. Cancel my spare credit card
4. Pay down existing 0% paypal debt
5. Pay down $1000 of 0% credit card debt
8. Fill a change jar for January 2016 treat: new skis

July 2015 Financial Update

2016 Financial Goals

1. Add $2500 to savings ($5,000 total)
2. Pay down remaining $2000 of 0% credit card debt
3. Get a positive net worth
4. Invest $500/month in the stock market

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