Friday, June 1, 2012

Fit to run, fit to dream, fit to...forget why you're running

Two weekends ago I gave my eating disorder a little kick in the rear end. For years I wanted to run but never did because I didn't feel thin enough. I thought that I had to look like someone on the cover of Runner's World magazine before I could start pounding the pavement.

My dietician told me that I needed to start doing everything I tell myself I would start doing if I weighed my ideal (insane) weight. So I've spent the last few months jogging a couple times a week. On the 19th I ran the Run for the Achievable Dream in Colonial Williamsburg, my first 8k race!

So I told my eating disorder who's boss, raised some money for a good cause...wait, which good cause was that? It was kind of hard to tell because all of the publicity at the race was for the race sponsors. Not the people benefiting from the race.

So we go pick up our packets (race instructions, course maps, the numbers you wear on your shirts...oh, and tons of dumb giveaways branded with corporate logos and made with child labor in Asia)...and get encouraged to buy stuff.

Seriously, if you're going to run an 8k (or the half marathon on Sunday),
why do you need to buy shoes?

Or better yet, if you're in good enough shape to run an 8k (or a half marathon!) no one should tell you that you need to lose weight.

My ED got a kick out of this one. No, no, NO!

I saw plenty of posters for race sponsors. But nowhere did I see a sign about the race beneficiaries. You have to visit the race's website to find out why you're paying a $60 entry fee to run this thing. I've run a few 5k races and at those I at least knew what charity my money was helping. This was really disappointing.

In spite of all of the advertising, I think the race was for a good cause. I can put up with a little lactic acid burn in my legs to help someone who got theirs blown off in an oil war. Or to help an inner-city kid get a better education. And to get one step closer to my own recovery. But in all, it was a good, fun time.

Oh, and free post-race beer. Seriously.


  1. Ahh, it's all about corporate sponsors. You'd think there would at least be some mention of the beneficiaries of this fundraiser at the race. Sad. Good for you though! I'm so out of shape right now, I really need to get my bike in somewhere to get it fixed up so I can start riding and I need to get up earlier so I can walk the pup while it's cooler.

    1. Hey, at least you know what the first step is! A lot of people can't figure out what they need to do to get started. Enjoy your bike rides!

  2. Congratulations! I'm quite impressed.

    One of my yoga instructors (well, not exactly MY instructor - she's on some videos that I have) anyhow she's always saying that strength and flexibility are not pre-requisites for doing yoga, they are byproducts that come from consistent practice.

    It's all about the doing!

    1. Thanks!

      Sounds like a good motivator for life. We're supposed to come out educated, or with a tidier home, or healthier, or whatever. If that's how we were going into college, or decluttering, or therapy, there wouldn't be any point!

  3. Way to go!! It's so great to get out and just DO something. I still have a goal of running a race this year - I suppose I should do something about making that happen.
    Proud of you :)

    1. Thanks! I found that signing up for races helped a lot. It's great motivation to keep exercising.

  4. Congratulations on your victories-your personal ones and with your family. I'm so happy that you also kicked ED's butt- it needs to know who's is charge.


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