Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Fashion Fallout

I just had to jump on the alliteration band wagon there, didn't I? Hey, at least I'm not trying to be punny. Hehe.

Anywho, the challenge of cleaning out our closets is a really daunting one. It's a problem of two 'but's:

But I paid good money for this...but I used to like it...but I may want it someday...but it belonged to a relative...but I'll never find another one like it get the picture.

The second 'but' is of course the one I mentioned in an earlier post, the butt. As in, I better keep this piece of clothing because I may be able to get my butt into it at some point. 

Put these two things together and what do you get? A girl who stands in front of her closet and can't bear to get rid of much. How do we fight this? I'm fighting it by taking it one single item at a time. For the next few weeks let's see if I can find one item from my closet each Friday to get rid of. You can try it too. Just one. No biggie, right? 

I hope so. Because I just got rid of the last of the "easy" discards, the pieces of clothing that were no challenge for me to toss.
How do you prefer to declutter your closet? All at once, or little by little? Do you schedule a cleanout at the end of every season? And because I love cheating on little challenges: what hasn't worked for you? I'm sure we'd all love to learn from your mistakes. I know I will!

Today's photos are the last 'easy' items to discard. I'm only counting prices on the items I never should've bought. Top photo: 1 scarf (free), one winter headband (free), one pair of heels ($15), three shirts (three free, one on permanent loan from a friend who lives in Spain), one pair of shorts ($10), one baseball cap ($10), one pair of dancing shoes (used these, so they were worth the money). Bottom photo: one sweater ($20), one pair of shorts ($10), one turtleneck (I wore it, it's just worn out), one pair of too-large pants (but I did wear these), one skirt (permanently on loan from a friend who lives in Japan.) 

Okay, and while I'm at it, I should stop stealing clothes from my girlfriends. Especially the ones who live abroad. 

The Reckoning

Items 115-128: A ton of clothes.
Cost: $60
Fate: One of those Planet Aid dumpsters.
Money wasted on junk I never should've bought: $1262.00


  1. I'm about due for another closet clean out. The thing is, since I stopped working 6 years ago, I've hardly bought ANY clothes. This is good! What's bad is that I'm still hanging onto things that I really have no use for these days. I fear there are still things in there that I have never actually worn. Oh, the shame! At least I do all of my shopping at the thrift store so it isn't a huge loss of money.

    When I first quit my job it was actually really liberating to go through my wardrobe and get rid of things that I "needed" for work, but hated. Anything that got a "yuck" response when I pulled it out of the closet immediately went away. Now the problem is the unrealistic skinny jeans, the fancy clothes that I have no need for, the stuff that just doesn't suit me.

    Hmmm... I see a project on the horizon!

  2. OK - you inspired me. I went through the closet and cleared out 6 pairs of pants (none of which ever fit right even when I was at my skinniest) two skirts that seemed like such good ideas when I bought them...except that I almost never wear skirts and couldn't ever find anything to wear them with. Three pairs of incredibly uncomfortable shoes purchased in a vain attempt to find things to go with said skirts, one pair of garden clogs that cause blisters if I even wear them for 5 minutes, a lace black top that I've never worn because my life really does not include occasions where a lace back top would be appropriate, plus I have no idea how you wear a top made of black lace without being obscene, and a blazer that's too tight in the shoulders and too long in the arms, that I have worn exactly once.

    Whew! I feel much better already... Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. brilliant! it's really amazing how much truly uncomfortable clothing we have in our closets. I realize now that's probably the best place to start, getting rid of what hurts us the most. That way we'll feel the progress, even if we don't see the progress.

  3. How often do I clean out my closet? At least weekly lol.

    I have a hard time convincing myself to keep enough clothes to rotate things out. I get bored easily, and since I buy most of my clothes uses, I have no qualms about moving on. I just want to get to a point where I have a wardrobe I love...but I need to gain the fashion sens first ;)

    Looking forward to seeing what's to come next Friday!

    1. I'm absolutely the same way in that I get bored of things really quickly. I need to start seeing the thrift shop as my closet like you do. I don't need to keep as much stuff if I can swap at the thrift shop for a few bucks.

  4. I am definitely a 'little bit at a time' kind of girl when it comes to sorting out my clothes. Just can't bear to have to make too many decisions all at once.

    My other strategy which has just sort of evolved is to put them in the wardrobe in the spare room. Then in a few months time it is easier to let go as I have not seen the items for months and know that I could live without it.

    My Project Streamline which I started a few weeks ago is where I critically assess all of 1 particular type of garment each Monday. Tomorrow will be skirts. Having to justify my choices in writing to the blogosphere makes me look very carefully at what I am keeping and why.

    I look forward to following your Friday Fallout.

    1. I really like your idea of Project Streamline. It turns closet organization into something that can be done in small parts. At this point I have so much clothing in so many places that I'm still working on finding all of my skirts, dresses, etc. But I'm looking forward to following your lead and doing my own Project Streamline sometime soon.


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