Wednesday, May 30, 2012

success by concussion

I'm actually fine.

But this week I discovered new and creative ways to declutter. This is one of my (not terribly) messy kitchen cabinets. Note the worcestershire sauce bottle on the left.

In spite of being 5' 4" I decided I could reach the cabinet above the stove without a step stool. Silly me. Instead of grabbing the worcestershire sauce bottle, I managed to knock it out of the cabinet.  

Right on to my head. 

After it bounced off my mildly surprised cranium, it did me a favor -- it broke one of my husband's dishes that was on the counter.  

I've also managed to declutter a large number of ibuprofen tablets since. But I'm fine now :o)

Seeing as we own three sets of dishes (his, hers, and wedding china), this broken dish is a good thing. Not only do I hate his dishes (love you, sweetheart!), but we've kept two sets because we both have different, life-threatening food allergies and it helps us avoid cross-contamination. But we don't need 16 plates for each person. Four each will be plenty. I'm not sure I can afford to drop worcestershire sauce bottles on my head 24 more times though.

I've been on a streak this week as this is the third kitchen item that has been sacrificed to the gods of the silestone countertops. We also broke a wine glass and a cordial glass. We have sixty wine glasses/goblets/champagne glasses if you count our regular stuff and our wedding crystal. We overbought, so I'm not sorry these broke.

(And if you want to see my prior adventures injuring myself because I own too much stuff, check out my old blog. Which desperately needs updating, since I have a patio garden now!)

The Reckoning

Items 89, 90, and 91: 1 plate, 1 cordial glass, 1 wine glass. All free or well-used, fortunately.


  1. This is totally something I would do - dropping the bottle on my head that is!

    1. I vote for not decluttering any helmets you may have lying around the house, then :o)

    2. LOL - seriously, I am laughing out loud!

  2. I hope your 'noggin is feeling better! Stephen and I had an epiphany last week. It goes something like this: just because someone bought us china for our wedding almost 17 years ago, doesn't mean we have to keep it if we no longer love it, use it, and it no longer reflects who we are. The answers to those questions were no - don't love it, no - don't use it, and no - don't reflect who we are. So, we're in the midst of trying to sell it. It will open up a ton of space in our china cabinet (the whole thing) and we'll be able to use those funds to buy what we need or love. We're pretty good in the kitchen department so I don't think we'll buy anything in there. More purging to go, still actually. I've been reading about how many pieces of china you really need from a minimalist perspective, but from one who entertains. I'll do a post on that at some point in the future. Good luck with your poor head. Get some rest. And I agree with you. Your hubby's plates aren't my favorite either. Am I allowed to say that?

    1. I'm am really curious about how many you feel comfortable with for entertaining. We got 17, I don't know what we were thinking! Possible broken dishes, maybe.

      That's awesome that you've both decided to sell the dishes. Wedding stuff comes with so much emotion it's some of the hardest to get rid of!

  3. Hope your head's feeling better, but yay for less clutter in the cabinet!


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