Monday, June 25, 2012

Attacked by a book (or three)

Sorry for the absence, folks. I've discovered that fiction is fun to read and I got swallowed up by three fantastic books in the last week. I also started my super awesome volunteer job at the Smithsonian. All in all, it means I haven't put together any posts or responded to any comments. I'm really sorry -- but I'll be back later this week!




  1. So-very jealous of your Smithsonian volunteering! As a museum professional, I'm finding it curious, the fine line between a "collection" and a "hoard."

  2. Well, if you're ever in the area for a while, SI is always looking for more volunteers!

    I've wondered that about my profession too. It's almost like our professions encourage hoarding. It's like a librarian isn't a librarian unless their home is filled with books.


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