Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Fashion Fallout: Granny pants + spandex = .....

What do you get when you combine granny pants and spandex? These:

Feel free to come back when you're done laughing. I won't be offended!

These are one of three pairs of cycling shorts that I own. My mom bought me two pairs in high school and my sister gifted me a pair. I bike a lot and can say that if you've ever ridden a bike and had your rear end hurt afterwards, I know you weren't wearing bike shorts. The diaper-esque padding looks absurd but it makes even the longest ride comfortable.

Something I don't hear much about in decluttering/minimalist blogs is athletic clothing and equipment. If you're a really active person I feel like it can be hard to have a small amount of athletic clothing because of how specific the clothes are to the sport. I'll probably dig into this topic more in a later post. But have you found the same?

But I only need two pairs, not three. Especially when one of the pairs has a hole in the spandex like this:

Just what I need, to be riding down the busiest part of town and find that the 1cm hole in my shorts is suddenly large enough to warrant a police citation for public indecency. No thank you!

No one else could want these shorts so they can't get donated, but that lovely chamois padding will make fantastic little rags.

I think I may need to make a little rag bag like Fairy did.

The Reckoning

One pair of cycling shorts  
that I got for free
cut up into little rags
because the one who cleans is me.
(item 129!)


  1. I think one of the reasons (among many lol) that I've never gotten into bikes is the spandex. I had no problem wearing similar stuff as a gymnast & dancer, but something about an adult in spandex NOT dancing weirds me out lol!

    I like Fairy's bag idea for the rags. If you don't want to make one, you can always get a diaper thing (looks the same) at Goodwill or the like. My rag system is two of the same bins in different colors. One bin is for clean rags while the other is for dirty rags. Looking forward to what solution you come up with :)

    1. I like the dirty rag bin idea. I now throw them in the hamper but they just mess everything up. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. We just took one of my daughter's tank tops that she couldn't wear anymore because of a unholy marker stain that would not come out and cut it into cleaning rags. We now have a basket of cleaning rags in the garage and the two strips of hot pink fabric are now in there. Maybe we should have a "rag basket" party and see all the different types of stuff people have cut up and added to theirs. :) It was be interesting, at the very least.

  3. Hey, I recognized those as cycling shorts right away, not granny panties gone awry. I used to have some when I cycled. I now saying: bike riding is all fun and games until someone loses a gall bladder.

    The thing I see with athletic wear is that you get sweaty and stinky in it so you wash it before you use it again. Work out every day then you need enough gear to get you through the next laundry cycle. And if you don't do laundry on a real schedule then you need more than that.

    I donated mine since they were still in good condition.

    1. could I ask what kind of store you donated yours to? our thrift shop only takes brand new athletic gear.


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