Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kitchen kapers

No, not the store. Though I suppose this is where part of my problems began.

Why do we have so much trouble with kitchen clutter? My guess is that 1.) women really *are* genetically programmed to want to feed our families and 2.) stores like Bed Bath and Beyond are house porn. You wish your house was like theirs. Or not. 3.) Cabinets that are taller than most humans are miniature black holes, sucking up small cookware items and never coughing them up again.

What surprises me most about this collection is how much stuff wandered into my kitchen as gifts. How do you keep this from happening?

Anyways, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the thrift shop we go:

#92-96: Five single-serve corningware dishes. I love small things and these were miniatures of my mom's baking dishes. So of course I had to buy them. Shame I already had four regular sized Corningware dishes in exactly the same pattern. $25.
#97: A cheese dome. I used to have visions of having a kitchen countertop that looked like a counterop in a diner, full of lots of cute pastries under glass. Like artwork. Then I realized I want to eat the pastries, not look at them. Got this in the "free box" in our old apartment building.
#98: A water bottle I ruined by leaving milk in it for an embarassingly long amount of time. $8. Trashed.
#99: A tea infuser that came with a mug that I happen to love. I would love the infuser if it actually worked. $0.
#100! A coffee measuring spoon. I don't drink coffee, but when I got this I was in my bulimic "I will only have exactly 1.5 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk in my tea each morning" moods. No restricting now. Not to mention, I hate coffee. Also $8.
#101: A spare broiler pan. No idea how we got this. Probably was a gift.
#102: A silver-plated coaster from Grandmom. Because she can't bear to see anything leave the family.
#103: OMG I LOVE miniature things. Especially mini jam jars. But I don't have any use for it, so it goes in the recycling.
#104: A lunch bag. Another "gift" from a vendor at the last place I worked. I hate promo swag. I really do.
#105: Empty tea tin from Harrods.
#106: A cocktail shaker. Not like we make cocktails. Came with the margarita we ordered.
#107: A mini crock pot. A bonus that came with the hubs's crock pot. Not exactly a bonus for us.

#108: A baking rack. No idea how we got it or how much it cost.
#109-112: Burner inserts. They helped keep our old stove clean but they don't fit on our current one. $20
#113: A water filter from our old faucet. Doesn't fit on our current one.We did use it, so I suppose it wasn't a waste.
#114: Camping utensils, likely stolen from my sister. Back to her they go.

That's $61 wasted on kitchen stuff. I'm actually surprised it wasn't higher. Good thing, since I'm up to $1202 wasted on junk. Argh.


  1. My neighbor tried to give me one of those water purifiers when they cleaned out their shed. Kitchen stuff is one of my downfalls too. I'm working on it, but dang, I swear that stuff breeds in there! I have a bunch of little stuff packed in a box right now and it's on borrowed time. The cake pans need to be gone through. My mother was all disappointed when I mentioned getting rid of a lot of them. She loves shopping for kitchen stuff and uses it as a goto for gifts.

    1. I'm slowly learning not to tell my mother what I get rid of. I'll find it right back where it started if I don't! Or she'll try to buy me a replacement. Gah. Looking forward to seeing the box that's on borrowed time in your blog post. I'm curious about what other people have lurking in their cabinets.


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