Saturday, January 14, 2012

What do you love more, stuff or long weekends?

Easy answer, right? Everyone's going to pick long weekends. But does the state of our homes reflect that?

In the past my long weekends were spent neatening up my space. I had so much stuff and was so careless with it that I needed all three days to get my space tidy enough to make it presentable. No wonder I felt like I never had a day off! No wonder my parents are so stressed out. That can't be good for their hearts.

How many long weekends or days off have we lost to tidying up our junk? I don't know about you, but I'm not losing this weekend to my clutter.

When you start decluttering you'll feel and see the difference very quickly. Maybe it won't be a huge difference. Last night we were comfortable having company over with only 2 hours of tidying and cleaning up before. So much better than needing an entire weekend!

See the difference for yourself this weekend by focusing on the things that you really want to do with your time. Remember how good this felt the next time you look into closet and see that it's stuffed to the gills. This is why we want to change.

You may see another post this weekend...but only if my clutter can drag me away from my husband and my guitar!


  1. When we got back from our house swap in Hawaii, I let things slide for a week and, to my surprise, by the time I got to tidying up, it was a snap. And, I don't say that about cleaning up very often. Having less is so much better! We can even go to Whistler on the weekends without paying for it all week. Now if I can just convince my space loving Squirrel to move to a condo, no yard work would enhance my weekends even more!

  2. Neat way of putting it! It is funny to me that our vacations alot of times are consumed with home projects such as cleaning out the garage or spring cleaning... If we have less stuff we can actually enjoy the vacation verses toiling during it!


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