Sunday, January 15, 2012

Forget the soap!

Soap is one of many things I used to buy a lot of when it was on sale. My parents always have a stash of it. But do we need to stockpile soap? No. In fact, I'm realizing I need fewer bottles of soap in the house than I first thought.

Take a look at how much hand washing soap you have and consolidate what you can. Donate the ones you don't like to a local homeless shelter.

As part of my home inventory I found that we have four bottles of the stuff. We should never need more than three, one for each bathroom and one for the kitchen. One was nearly empty so I consolidated them and we're finally down to three.

Where can you get by without a bottle of hand soap? I think we can get by with just two in the whole condo, one for each bathroom. In the kitchen I would prefer to use a soap that doubles for both dish and hands if I can find one. Anyone know of one?

I'm leaning towards making my own dish soap like Annienygma does for so very little money. But this will mean I'll have to keep a separate bottle of hand soap at the kitchen. I have terrible eczema on my hands and I can't use a homemade dish soap for regular hand washing without getting rashes. Maybe I'm stuck with two bottles forever on the kitchen counter.

What soaps do you use? What "double duty" soaps do you like? Do you make your own?


  1. I prefer washing hands with natural soap bars (preferably the ones with olive oil) because liquid soap normally found at the supermarket tend to be very aggressive on my hands...
    In the kitchen, however, I use liquid soap because it's handier. I've not found since now a good natural soap for both the dish and hands: if they are good to the hands, they don't wash the dishes properly and viceversa...

  2. Cleaning products (like shampoo and soap) are a hoarding weak spot for me too. It's a tough habit to break for sure!
    For the hand/dish soap ... "Palmolive" brand claims to be fine for hands and it is great on dishes -- it's our household favourite. There are lots of nice scents too. In my part of the world there is a nice environmentally kind brand called "method" that we really like too.

  3. I've heard of method but didn't realize that it was an eco-friendly soap! I'll give that a try. Thanks for the tip!

  4. i just found found your blog and love it! I too come from hoarder stock (well not quite but soooo very very close) and I always tell my mom my stuff purging is my way of rebelling, now im working on the acquiring ....sigh

    anyway we use Seventh Generation Free and Clear dish soap, my kids have terrible eczema and it works for us.

  5. That is just what I was looking for, thank you!

  6. ^_^ If you can't find it locally try

  7. Rubber gloves work for me, as any type of dish soap dries out my hands. There is a line of soaps called Ecover (said like Echo Vehr) that are good.

    1. their products look fantastic, thanks for the suggestion!


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