Thursday, January 26, 2012

Minimalist and missing the point?

I've been quite absent on the blog lately. I'll be back in full decluttering force one we close on our condo on Monday. Until then, take a look at this New York Times article about a designer who took minimalism to the aboslute core: everything in his house is white.

What do you think? Minimalism sacrificed for aesthetics? Or pure efficiency?

I appreciate the aestetic beauty and I'm glad it works for him. But I'm glad that minimalism is a flexible ideal. I prefer to appreciate books for what's in between the covers. And I hate cleaning dirt off of white surfaces.


  1. Wow, that would drive me nuts but if it works for him, more power to him. =)

  2. It was interesting to me that the owner of the space (who had lent it to the man who painted everything white) said it was performance art.

    And the waste of painting the microwave and espresso machine - which made them unusable - seems to illustrate the point: the designer didn't necessarily do this because he liked it but just to complete a design. Same with the sofa, which the owner now plans to throw out. Seems wasteful to me, and nothing to do with minimalism - just a decorating scheme that can't be lived in :)

    Very intriguing though, as were the rest of the pictures, which were of other non-colour colour schemes.

  3. The picture with all the pans made me think ' I bet he doesn't use all of those, so surely they're just clutter!' same for the people with the lovely kitchen area who never eat at home...(how can you never eat at home?!)


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