Monday, January 2, 2012

Decluttering tip #8: get organized by repurposing your old tupperware

Like everyone else I'm buried in tupperware. My husband has a set, I have a set, and we got third completely different set for our wedding. Then I bought tupperwares that I thought would be good for homemade ice cream but they didn't work well. Now I have a drawer of much more tupperware than I could ever use.

Repurposing tupperware (and not replacing it) is a great way to empty out your tupperware drawer and get more organized at the same time!

You can use tupperware for storing food of course. I keep some of my dry food staples in my old set.

 Don't forget that things other than food store very nicely in tupperware. Add in a label maker, or make your own labels and voila! Instantly organized sock drawer. For this I used all of the tupperwares I bought to use for homemade ice cream. This only took me a few minutes to set up this weekend and it's already saving me time in the morning.


You could use tupperware to store your makeup, batteries, small tools, or sewing items. What other  items could you store in tupperware? Or do you already do this?


  1. I have very little Tupperware. Most of mine is nearly thirty years old, if not older! A few years back I did buy one set of storage bowls and have picked up a few small storage pieces from yard sales. I think I use all that I have, but will definitely be checking to make sue, and getting rid of any pieces that aren't being used on a regular basis. Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Thanks for commenting Betty Jo! I long for the days when tupperware didn't break after a year or two of use. But no matter how long it lasts it's amazing how easily new pieces slip into the drawers. I'm starting to wonder if regular "reviews" of my drawers (maybe twice a year?) is in order. Like Spring cleaning.

    I'm enjoying your blog. Looking forward to your next post!

  3. Hi Joanna, I found your blog via CoH. I'm currently going through a decluttering journey of my own.

    Some advice: Tupperware is also very easy to re-sell. I got rid of a bunch of the pantry cannisters last year, currently getting rid of some of the gadgetry. Love theor storage, but Tupperware gadgets are EVIL.

    You can read about my decluttering at

    1. thanks for your comment! In fact, it encouraged me to write a follow-up post, and I linked to you. Congrats on recognizing that you want to change and on the decluttering so far. We can dig out from under the hoard!

  4. Hmmm, as you declutter some more, will you not need to organize using the "tupperware"? Maybe you'll have so few of an item, you won't need to stash :-))

    1. Let's hope so! I'm definitely never going to be a professional minimalist, which means of course I'll always have a three week supply of socks. Which will need to be stored guessed it, tupperware!


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