Tuesday, January 3, 2012

goodbye flashlight + where to recycle batteries

How many flashlights do you own?

Of those,

how many would you need in an emergency?

of those,

how many work?

After doing that math, I only found one! Just one! Hooray, something I haven't stockpiled! On to the trash can with item 45, a flashlight.

But before we go to the reckoning, let's talk about something that goes with flashlights: batteries.

Cut Your Clutter By Switching to Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries  mean that you no longer need to keep huge packages of batteries lying around anymore. You just need a couple spare rechargeables and a charger. This saves money, space, and helps the environment. Get rid of your dead disposable batteries, use up the good ones and then switch to rechargeables. You'll have much more space in your battery drawer!

Battery Recycling

Remember that batteries can be recycled if there is no other option, but it really is best to recycle them. I visited a landfill in college and saw that liquid leaks through the bottom no matter how good the collection system is. It's really best to recycle batteries unless it's dangerous to get the battery out of the device.

You can search for places to recycle batteries on earth911.com and call2recycle.org. You can also ask your workplace if they collect batteries. Many will accept batteries from home and work.

The Reckoning

Cost:Free. Another damned freebie taking up space in my life.

Why I decided to get rid of it: It doesn't work.

Fate: The trash can. Normally I would recycle the battery but this one was badly corroded it was too dangerous to try to remove it. I tested my remaining disposbles and took five into the recycling bin at work.

Money lost on junk: Again, nothing this time. Freebies are evil. Pure evil. Total this year: $203.


  1. If you only keep a flashlight for emergencies: Batteries (rechargeables or others) may be empty by the time you need them. Imho a handpowered flashlight is the way to go for an emergency tool. I always wonder why they are not more popular ... (so should other handpowered things be like radios, emergency chargers for cell phones etc)

  2. Funny you should say that because my mother gave me an Eton hand-cranked radio/flashlight/charger combination (and fortunately I didn't get rid of it!) It also has a solar panel but it doesn't seem to work, so I'd probably suggest a different brand to a prospective buyer. Great suggestion!


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