Monday, January 2, 2012

"it's cute" is NOT a good reason to keep something

My grandmother unloaded a bunch of her best friend's possessions on me after said best friend passed away. Grandmom couldn't bear to see the goods go to waste and I was too lazy to argue that donating goods to the Salvation Army isn't wasteful.

Besides, the bowls she offered me were beautiful. Clean lines, glass so you could see the food you were eating, and shaped just like the bowls you see in cereal ads on TV. Nevermind that I owned a half dozen bowls already.

As cute as these bowls are, I realized today that they're not actually that comfortable to eat out of. The shape means that I end up dumping cereal on myself far more than I do with other bowls I own. Pure asthetics were a poor reason to accept these bowls and no reason to keep them.

Items 43 and 44, two cereal bowls

And I'm not telling Grandmom. I don't even think she remembers she gave them to me.

The Reckoning

Cost: free

Why I decided to get rid of them: I didn't like using these bowls and I didn't even realize it. Huh.

Fate: The "free stuff" area in our apartment building's basement.

Money lost on junk: Again, nothing this time. Total this year: $203.

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  1. Great post! I have a hard time getting rid of some things that I've still placed memories on but definitely have to remember that they are just material items and clutter none the less... and also keeping things that are "cute" but not necessary is not beneficial and leads to more lenient standards of things you keep, which can lead to a once again cluttered home! Love your blog, good luck decluttering! :)


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