Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Having a cold is good for an anti-hoarder

...because in one afternoon you can go through your entire stockpile of mini tissue packs.

I started with all of these (in my temporarily repurposed corningware)

and now the last one is gone! (unfortunately the cold is not.)

It's time to get out the handkerchiefs. I will not stockpile travel-sized tissues again. I will use ziplocs and regular tissues. Or better yet, a small makeup case a couple hankies.

One easy way to be frugal and get yourself some space in your bathroom cabinet is to make your own. A ziploc and some tissues, or a ziploc and a couple hankies work perfectly fine and for much less money.

If you're more of a DIY kind of person, take a look at the little blue pouch in the top picture. It's a tissue pouch a friend made out of some old discarded fabric. This will be my only travel tissue pack.

Have you made your own travel tissue packs? What works best for you?

So before I go running for the NyQuil, let's do

The Reckoning!

Item 55: My collection of mini packages of tissues.

Fate: My nose.

Cost: probably $4.

Total money wasted on stupid stuff this year: $262.


  1. I like to let myself run out of soap and instead use up all the liquid soap bottles from hotels, gifts and left behinds. We have nearly finished them all and it's very satisfying and decluttering.

  2. I totally hate mini tissue packs. I bought some thinking they would go nicely in my handbag, but they bulk it up too much. Also they are not as soft as regular tissues. So I usually just bring a few regular tissues tucked into a pocket of my bag. I think I'll put the tissue packs in the kitchen and use them instead of paper towels until they're finished. I'm hoping I don't get a cold this summer and the pesky things are NOT going to be allowed to hang around till winter!


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