Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guess I shouldn't have thrown that out...

 Right after I make this post bragging about how I did a facebook giveaway of one of my tote bags I go to look for it to pack it up -- and realize that it ended up in the pile of bags we discarded this weekend and is long gone. How could I have been so stupid? I promised my classmate and friend a Washington DC souvenier instead, but it's not the same. Gaahhhhh...

In all I'm still glad I'm decluttering. I may have made a couple mistakes but you know what? After decluttering so much, my home is cleaner. I'm less stressed. I spend my evenings playing my piano or my guitar now instead of cleaning piles of stuff off the piano. I can find my photo albums so that I can organize photos for them. It's worth a few mistakes.

But still...*bangs head against wall*


  1. Oops! Well, at least it's gone, right? I have a VHS/DVD player that's been riding around in my car for close to two months that a friend said she wanted but has never come to get. I looked at it this morning and decided I'm just donating it the next time I drop stuff off. I'm tired of looking at it. If she doesn't want it enough to come get it, she doesn't need it that much, right?

    1. Sounds like it has a date with the thrift store! I do wonder though how many times to warn the owners about their item's potential fate. Once? Three times? If it's been around more than a year is it even worth asking?

  2. It's comforting to hear that you're still glad you're decluttering. We'll probably all do this kind of thing sooner or later, and this post is a good reminder to keep going anyway.

  3. That is totally something I would do! :)

    We sold a TON of stuff at a garage sale last summer, not realizing we'd be moving and needing a lot of it...over the door organizers, boxes,etc. I think the good part is that we realized we didn't NEED need it, and that if we did, most of it would be easy to replace. But this is always my fear when I get rid of stuff!

  4. I just posted a similar "oops" decluttering moment. Good thing the feeling is fleeting and not too serious


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