Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Confession time: I was emotionally attached to a packet of cold medicine

Sorry for the long absence, folks. We're down to one laptop at home and competition with the hubs is rough!

expired in 2004!
I finally took a good look at my medicine cabinet today. It got an impromptu purge before we left the old place,  but the box needed a second look before it all disappeared into my medicine cabinet.

I discovered only two things that I hadn't gotten rid of in the earlier purge. One was a pile of antacids from freshman year of college.

The other was this packet of cold medicine I bought when I lived in Spain in 2004. It's completely desiccated. In fact, it was even opened. I remembered looking at it during the last purge and in spite of its condition I actively decided to keep it.

I was emotionally attached to this? You bet.
Why? Because this packet of useless cold medicine reminded me of my time in Spain. It reminded me of a friend from school who took care of me there when I got sick. I was emotionally attached to a packet of cold medicine. Throwing out the medicine would be throwing out the memories.

Wow, was that my mother the hoarder talking or was that me?

Good question. In fact, I think it's a great question for anyone who struggles with emotional attachment to useless stuff to ask. When we have that gut urge to keep something we need to ask ourselves which side of us is talking -- the hoarder, or the person who wants to be free of hoarding? 

If you can tell it's the hoarder side of  you talking, then you can realize that the thought in your head isn't a rational thought. Ask yourself what the person who wants to be free of the hoard would say.

I say, in the trash. It's old medicine and it could be dangerous for me or another if I keep it. If I really need to hang on to the memories, I can hang on to them in a memory book (or a blog!)

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

The Reckoning!

Items 56 and 57: One packet of expired cold medicine and my collection of ancient antacids.

Cost: No idea. I clearly bought the big box of antacids and ended up wasting most, so let's call it $2.

Fate: The trash can. Be careful -- some medicines shouldn't go in the trash or down the sink/toilet. If you live in the US, check out the FDA's webpage about safe medication disposal for information about a safe place near you to get rid of unwanted meds.

Total wasted on stuff this year: $264.00


  1. Good job finally ditching taht stuff. I cleaned mine out not long ago and got rid of most of the contents of my little medicine box.

  2. I just cleaned out our meds too! I didn't feel comfortable just pitching them in the trash, so I'm going to have to hold onto them until April, when it's the national drug take back day. We'll see if I can be that patient ;)

    Also? I feel your pain as a 1 computer family! The Hubs took a couple classes, so I have just been waiting to get this dang thing back!

  3. Here we can just take old medicine to any pharmacy, they are required to take them back..


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