Friday, April 4, 2014

Just when I thought I couldn't declutter anymore

Clutter apparently never stops, even when you're a minimalist wannabe.

I thought we were done decluttering but we found a ton more stuff that were able to donate this weekend. The Chief Engineer cleaned out the linen closet for me! This was all the stuff we ended up with.

3 mismatched queen-size fitted sheets
2 mismatched flat sheets
1 full-size sheet set
1 queen-size sheet set
3 pillows
5 pillowcases

15 items! all gone, and the closet looks like this now.


  1. I keep thinking I have run out of things to get rid of...and I always find more! It's nice when cupboards etc function better because of the lack of stuff in them :)

    1. Glad it's not just me! I'm looking forward to having some empty space in our closets and cupboards soon. They're the only part of our home that we haven't started decluttering.

  2. I find more every time I declutter too - whether it's my closet, a drawer, the basement . .

  3. Yes, Zoe. I hear you on the decluttering. I set out to tidy and wipe out the bathroom cabinet and ended up getting rid of some more stuff - bottle of nail varnish, tub of hair gel, expired cough medicine and tablets.

    I have rearranged the drawers so as things are easier to find. Also, made a mental note of helf used lotions and potions that need to be used up and free up more space.

    Well done to the CE on the linen cupboard!

    1. How often do you declutter your closets and cabinets? Do you have a schedule, or do you wait until you feel like things need a good decluttering?

  4. Zoe, I do not have a particular schedule but, as with the bathroom cabinet, I find that every time I clean/sort things I find more to go. It is not necessarily because I have acquired more but rather that I can be a bit more ruthless each time.

    Hope this helps.


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