Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another trip to the thrift shop

We made our last big trip to the thrift shop for a while (we hope!) as you can see here.

What all is here?

Bar stool that didn't fit under our table because I didn't measure first: $10
Hot/cold dip server from our wedding registry that we never used: $20
Two books we read and enjoyed: money well spent
Tree stand: got it free on freecycle
Blender/food processor combo: money well spent but it's too small for us now
Toolkit for a product I don't own (we bought the wrong one): $15
Blanket that was so static-y we couldn't use it: worth it for a while
Two baskets: free with presents
Quilt hoop from my wedding registry: $200

Total: $245 gone on 11 things that didn't work out for us.

One of which was the quilt hoop. I'd had such hopes that I would use it. But in the end I only quilted to stay connected to my deceased grandmother. I finally admitted to myself that I actually don't like quilting.

In total, it brings the Reckoning to

244 items decluttered

$3129 wasted on junk

At this point we're pretty much done the decluttering process. Yay!!  How should I celebrate? Hopefully now I can focus on learning to buy less stuff. Where are you in the decluttering process?


  1. I'm at the 'mostly decluttered' stage..I say mostly because every time I think that I am done I find MORE things to go! Over the last fortnight I have rehomed a pair of hair straightners, a pair of boots and two sun miscellanous stuff from the shed.
    I feel like I am getting down to the nitty gritty now- for example I have a comb and two hairbrushes, but I only really use the comb. I'm not getting rid of the brushes yet, though, as I want to find a use for them, rather than sending them to landfill.
    I'm beginning to wonder if this takes up too much brain-space!

    1. I love that term re-homed! I think it only takes up too much brain space if you need the brain-space for other things. Decluttering is almost a hobby to me at this point, so I suppose if you enjoy it, it's not a waste of thought?

    2. True, I am enjoying the decluttering things- I was just thinking that decluttering is supposed to create space for other things, rather than consume time...perhaps it is just a sign that I am not yet fully decluttered!

      I dreamt last night that I had to (and could!) fit all of my possessions in our 4x4...and it was awesome! (In reality I am not sure that I could even fit all of the pets in the 4x4, but hey, it's an aim!)

    3. lol, that sounds like an awesome dream! Not sure I'd do well with 4x4...though those tiny houses are cool, aren't they?

  2. I love the idea of a tiny house- although it would ideally have to have a large floor space for doing yoga!

  3. First of all... CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through this post without beating yourself up even once! Well... pretty much. It's certainly progress. :-)

    I totally get the thing about wanting to quilt because of the connection with your grandmother. It's sooo hard to let go of that sort of thing. A few years ago I finally got rid of a doll that was a gift from my grandmother. It was something she wanted me to have because some friend of hers made it... but I never like the thing and all it did was gather dust. Plus, I have other keepsakes that remind me of her - things that we shared and that make me feel connected to her. Anyhow, congrats on letting go of the quilting ring and on not trying to make yourself do something you really don't like. :-)

    1. Yay! I was trying to be kind to myself on this one, so thank you.

      That's awesome that you were able to realize that you didn't need to keep the doll that your grandmother wanted you to have and that you came to be okay with not liking it. That's another good decluttering tip for me to remember: realizing that you don't have to keep something just because someone wanted you to have it. We have to keep ourselves happy before anyone else.


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