Sunday, April 27, 2014

Could you eat this?

Today the Chief Engineer and I enjoyed some free fun by biking to the US Science and Engineering festival downtown.

The things to see were pretty standard. Lots of 3D printers, plenty of liquid nitrogen demonstrations (dip a bottle of coke in the stuff and it explodes!), hands on models of solar panels and deep-space telescopes. That sort of thing. There was just one thing I didn't expect.

Crickets for lunch, anyone? 
Plain crickets not your thing? We've got cajun! Parmesan and ranch, too! 

I couldn't stomach it. I had to go hug this guy instead. 

And then laugh at the fact that this is what you do when you're Walmart and you have a public image problem.
You bring the most fuel efficient truck in existence to show off how much you care about the community. And to advertise obnoxiously. It was pretty interesting, though.

So we got in a 20 mile bike ride, had some fun and enjoyed the day together, all without spending a penny. And without any cricket appetizers, thank you. 

Could you have stomached the crickets? What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten?


  1. Eee Gads! Sounds like something you'd find at a Klingon banquet! :-)

    I think the strangest food I've ever seen was at a Korean restaurant with my Ex. They served us an appetizer that looked for all the world like fried goldfish. Seriously, you were supposed to just chomp them down head and all. I can't actually remember if I ate them or not... I'm sorta thinking not!

    1. More blood wine, please. I'm not nearly drunk enough after reading about fried goldfish?! Yuck. You've got a stronger stomach than me, I wouldn't have lasted through the meal. If it's got eyeballs, I won't touch it!

  2. I don't think I could eat an animal that was still whole- which counts out the crickets and the goldfish! I even find prawns a bit weird to eat sometimes.

    I can't thinl of anything that weird that I have boring!

    1. I agree with you there. I'm fine seeing a fish with the head and fins still on in our shopping cart, but by the time it gets to the table I want the head and appendages gone!

      I haven't eaten much interesting either. I won't even touch squid or octopus.

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