Saturday, August 3, 2013

Small space tea storage solution

I'm a tea drinker. Typically I choose the more frugal method of making tea, which is buying looseleaf tea and using an infuser. The looseleaf tea lives in the tin you see below. But occasionally I stumble on a box of bagged tea that I like. We're pretty short on cabinet space, so I end up with a little pile of tea bags on the shelf above our sink. But it's above our sink so that space gets damp. What to do with the tea bags?

at least it's an artfully organized pile of teabags!
Funny thing is, I rarely use my teapot. I mostly make individual cups of tea with the microwave. So what better place to store those spare teabags....than inside the teapot.

On the rare occasions when I'll use the teapot, the teabags can sit back on the shelf for a couple hours while I make and drink my tea, wash the teapot, and hand dry it. 

How do you store tea?


  1. We have a smallish cupboard that is the tea and coffee small teapot (just enough for two!) lives on a shelf above the sink, along with all the other breakfast things that I use every day..but in the cupboard is the big teapot for when we have guests, the coffee percolater thing (not a coffee drinker!) the coffee bean grinder, a tin for coffee and a tin for tea leaves. (I get a box of English Breakfast tea and a box of Earl Grey and mix them together-yum!).
    It'd be nice if that was pretty much all that there was in the cupboard, it also contains lots of other random teas- mint and nettle and other herbal teas, and some random ancient stuff like lapsang souchong and chai...really should make a point of drinking those up!!

  2. amazing how it's so easy to collect tea, especially since there are so many flavors, they don't take up space, and they're consumable! I think I had 500 tea bags at one point. Good thing for us the stuff lasts a long time!


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