Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Fashion Fallout: a two-fer

Courtesy of some unfortunate computer problems with my laptop I'm a little behind on everything, and now borrowing the Chief Engineer's laptop. So you all get a two-fer to make up for last week's missed Friday's Fashion Fallout. Try these on for size. One thing you'll notice is that the items have numbers now. I'm keeping track of FFF items separately. I have a feeling that I'll have one for every week of the year this year. But let's hope not! I hope I don't own that many worn-out, ill-fitting, ugly clothes!  Let's go.

Up first is a set of lace-embellished devil horns. (Yes. Keep laughing.) I bought them for Halloween two years ago. There were just two problems: 1.) apparently NONE of the 1600 people in my building do Halloween, and 2.) If you wear devil's horns and hang an egg carton around your neck, nobody understands that you're deviled eggs.

Fate: donated to the thrift shop.
Cost: well, I suppose they were worth it because one of my friends in grad school did it and everyone loved it. I knew my grad school was lame, but I didn't realize we were that lame.

Now that we're in week two of this year's FFF, meet another victim of my eating disorder. I bought these jeans in an attempt to buy pants that fit...and either I made the mistake of not sitting down in them in the store (since jeans always feel tighter when you sit), or I gained weight. I'm going to ignore the last option and just say well, they don't fit, they probably won't ever fit, and they were only $7. Out they go, ironically back to the thrift shop they came from.

Today's FFF total: two items, $7 wasted.

That makes for 174 items and $1923.00 wasted on crap. Ugh.

It's Friday! What stupid Halloween costumes have you gotten rid of today?


  1. I actually got in trouble for donating the boys' H-ween costumes before our big move. Now I get lovely reminders that, "I had a dragon costume, but MOMMI gave it away. So now I can't be a dragon!" I haven't done H-ween for me since I got cut-off in high school. My mom made me sign a paper that saying my last trick-or-treating adventures would be at 16. I retired all of my garb back then. Maybe as a mom now, I'll have an excuse to bring it back. I'll let you know my H-ween reckoning at the end of the year!

    P.S.- The deviled egg idea-FANTASTIC! Apparently, you're the only with it & cool kid in your grad program.:)

    1. ouch. i remember being really attached to my halloween costumes at that age too. maybe they'll change their minds? Or, let me guess, your kids have memories like video cameras (gosh I'm sorry!) that's gotta be hard to be a minimalist if you have kids who remember everything.

  2. That is a rather witty costume. You have inspired me to get rid of a rather fugly monk costume ( but I will be keeping the Santa one ) .


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