Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October's expense tally

In September I did manage to keep my expenses under $1000 and I'm so happy! Let's see if I can keep this up.

Something occurred to me at the end of September when I put together our total household expense list. I've been leaving out two things: My student loan payment ($95) and my monthly church tithe ($60). Since I'm now adding these expenses, I'm going to raise my spending goal/limit to $1100 for this month.

This month's expected expenses include:
  • 5 guitar lessons $205
  • Sunburn protection shirt for a trip to a sunny place next month (My vitiligo is still burned from my last trip, four weeks ago. This may be the most important thing on the list this month): $45
  • $100 Nutrition consultation for eating disorder:
  • Three visits with psychologist for eating disorder treatment: $360
  • Church tithe: $60
  • Student loan: $95
  • Replacing my jeans: between $4 and $70, depending on where I can find something that fits and is nice enough to wear to work on Fridays
  • Eating out budget of $50
And that's just what I know is coming. That's $1005 of expenses right there. Not a lot of wiggle room.

Anything in orange in an expected expense

This month's actual expenses

DateAmountWhat and Why
10/2$48Guitar lesson ($45) and snacks at work ($3)
10/4$37Sun protective shirt
10/6$183Ballroom dance practice shoes ($133) and ED nutrition counseling ($50)
10/7$120Individual therapy
10/8$10pair of jeans at thrift shop ($8) pair of pajama bottoms at thrift shop ($2)
10/9$46Guitar lesson ($45) and a soda at work ($1)
10/11$56Tea at work ($1), pool membership ($55)
10/12$135Student loan ($95), monthly church tithe ($40)
10/15$70Bought a lot of impulse buys -- two journals ($18 each), two books ($24), and refill for my planner ($28). This month's dumb purchases! I'm done now, right?
10/16-----guitar lesson cancelled today
10/18        $44snacks and soda at work ($4), foot race entry fee ($40)
10/20$50ED nutrition counseling
10/23$45guitar lesson
10/28$120individual therapy
10/30$45 guitar lesson

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