Friday, October 19, 2012

I don't know what I'm doing

Let's see, I've changed the look of the blog, deleted some pages, added some posts, confused everyone...just another Friday in Joanna's Brain.

When I started my first blog in the middle of a Winter storm three years ago. It was first called "Testing the America's Test Kitchen," and in it I planned to go through the entire America's Test Kitchen cookbook and test all of the strange cooking suggestions in it to see if they worked. I'd just watched Julie and Julia and it seemed like something to keep me occupied.

Well, that was more work than I thought. It's not easy to grate frozen butter into pie crust dough! Or to do a bunch of the dozens of other strange cooking things they suggest in the book. (The grating frozen butter into pie crust dough really does give you a flakier crust, BTW. And sore hands). I changed the topic of that blog to "Munching with Peach," figuring I'd turn it into a blog about my general cooking exploits, with my guinea pigs Munch and Peach narrating the experience.

Guinea pigs don't talk. That blog didn't last too long.

Palegreelife was my next foray, and that lasted for a while. I finally found something I was vaguely interested in, that being sustainable, frugal, green, simple living. Then I started decluttering. And only then did I get readers.

I thought I could become an expert on decluttering. I started another blog, the 365declutterchallenge, which only got hits when I finally blogged about my parents' little hoarding issue. And thus this blog was born.

Since then I've tried to blog about decluttering, hoarding, nut-free recipes, eating disorders, financial stuff...oh gosh....

I'm hoarding blogs.

Enough! It's just all going to go here from now on. The farther I get from my parents' hoarded home the more I find who I am.

I enjoy decluttering.
I love to cook.
I hate my eating disorder. Bite me, ED.
I think sustainable living is cool.
I have lousy financial skills. Wait -- skills? What skills?
I like people!

I won't stop blogging about hoarding because it has left a mark on me, and I feel it's important for other people to know that it's a serious illness but something can and should be treated. But I'm more than that now. I've met a lot of awesome people by blogging and I'd like to keep those connections. I hope you do too. If you'd like to see the girl from under the hoard, please stay.  You'll see more of her in the coming months.


  1. <3!

    It's funny how blogging can lead you to transforming yourself whether you like it or not haha!

    As a fellow blogger who has run through her fair share of blogs, I completely understand! Don't worry, I'll still hang around (you know, whether you like it or not) ;)

  2. Good for you! It's funny, I did a similar thing right before I read your post--changed the name of my blog to better reflect what I want to write about.

    I know you're supposed to write a "narrow, targeted" blog, but I like to write about lots of things, and I, too, have several blogs, but get the most traffic at my decluttering blog. A lot of people must want to know about decluttering.

    I've been reading your blog for awhile now, and enjoy it. I look forward to upcoming posts, on whatever topics strike you.

    1. yes, I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing your change. The whole point of this is to stop paying so much attention to our stuff, right?

  3. I'm still caught up on the America's Test Kitchen idea--dude, that's like fighting a tiger! They're crazy over there. I can't stand their product due to the smug, but YMMV.

    1. Oh yes, the work sometimes doesn't seem worth it at all. But so tasty!

  4. Does this mean no more Fashion Fail Fridays? That would be sad. But I plan to continue to pop in and see what you are up to no matter what the topic.

    1. oh no, it just means I'll be posting about more than FFF and hoarding! Probably some sustainability/green/frugal living things. And maybe just some life adventures too :o)

  5. Sometimes I'm stumped at what to write about, and other times it just comes together perfectly. I'm about to start another blog myself, because I want to write about technology and pop culture, and that certainly does not fit in with my current blog! lol

    Just think- you never know when someone will stumble upon your blog and maybe change their life because of it! I think that makes all the confusion worth it sometimes.


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