Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Y'all were right

I can't juggle the effort of trying to make my purchases line up with my "lottery" goals, the things I would do if I had unlimited resources, with the sheer difficulty of reducing my spending. I've been a spoiled brat for so long that I need to focus on controlling my spending and buying fewer things for a while. Once I get good at that, I can focus on making my expenditures line up with my dreams.

In my July spending update, take a peek at how $1700 trickled away in personal expenses last month. It's what I used to call The Lottery Project, which I'm now just calling My Spending Record. I may start recording my spending on a day-to-day basis to get a better handle on it, just a warning if you were thinking of subscribing.

And later this week, we'll take a look at what I have to swap out for two non-clothing objects I bought this month. Hope you all are well.


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