Friday, July 20, 2012

Dumb lessons learned: if the label says you can't clean it, maybe you shouldn't buy it!

At 24 I headed out to the affordable JC Penney store with my parents to buy my first real bed before I left for DC. My mom had given me a rock-hard, twin size bed as a child and I was never offered any other choice. So when my then-boyfriend-now-husband spent a fortune on his queen-size, overstuffed, super soft, $1500 mattress, I had stars in my eyes (about the boy *and* the mattress.) I *had* to have one.

Instead of realizing that I slept great on a rock-hard bed, I bought myself a smaller version of what the boy had. And then the back problems began. So I exchanged the bed for something slightly firmer, but still soft. Dammit, I was not going to let my mom win this one. She wanted me to have a hard bed. Therefore I wasn't going to get one.

Exchanging a bed is a *pain.* I wasn't going to buy a new bed in spite of sleeping terribly for over a year, so I consoled myself with an ergonomic pillow. A $60 pillow. A pillow that made promises about giving side-sleepers like me the best sleep we've had in ages. A pillow that promised to give me more productive days because of better nights. A pillow that says:

Do not wash.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.
Do not dryclean.

Do not clean. 

(Okay, I was just kidding about the last line. The last line really is 'Wipe clean with a damp cloth.') So after I've drooled all over my pillow in the blissful sleep they swear I'll have with this thing, I'm supposed to wipe it clean with a damp cloth? 

Oh, and to add to the stupidity, this turned out to be the most uncomfortable pillow I've ever used in addition to being the most disgusting. 

Hey, at least it squeezed into the trash chute with no problems. Saved me having to call in the local hazmat team to dispose of it.

Now, I've gone back to sleeping on a piece of sheet rock. My husband sleeps on a cloud. We bought a  $2000 sleep number bed and I am *finally* waking up rested for the first time in years (after I stopped crying myself to sleep because of the dent in our wallet). No fancy pillow needed.

And the best part? You can wash *every single* cloth part of a sleep number bed. Every single one. 

Have you ever bought something you discovered you couldn't clean?

The Reckoning

Item: one unwashable ergonomic pillow
Cost: $60
Fate: the trash chute
Total money wasted on junk so far: $1497.00. 
That's almost enough to pay for that sleep number bed. *sob*


  1. I think I've bought things that say not to clean them, but I totally have. Pillows. Stuffed animals. Certain clothing items. I generally say F-it lol!

    But back to this Sleep Number bed...I am intrigued. The Hubs SWEARS we NEED one as he likes it super soft and I like it as hard as a board. Keep me posted on how it's working out for you!

    1. Oh, I'm not sure I'd say it saved our marriaged but it probably saved my job. I was getting such bad sleep that I was walking into work almost an hour late sometimes because of how tired I was. For us it was worth pinching pennies, becuase it might've cost me my salary otherwise.

      I guess it depends on what kind of bed you have now. If we had had something that was goldilocks, too firm (for him), too soft (for me), then the sleep number might not have been worth it. They have (relatively) inexpensive ones, but those have less padding than the more expensive ones and so they're not so great for people who like sleeping on a cloud.

      I guess it depends how miserable your hubs is. If he's as miserable as I was, it really is worth it. As averse as I am to debt, this is one purchase I would've been willing to finance if we'd had to. Sleep affects every part of your life. We've had ours for almost two years now and amazingly, not only am I getting into work on time, but I'm going in 1.5 hours early, so I can leave early and enjoy more time at home. I seem to get sick less too. And my back doesn't hurt! Just my two cents. Good luck with your decision!

  2. Hi, Joanna. As I was reading through this post I started thinking, "she needs a sleep number bed" only to find out that's what you ended up with. Ha! I've only slept on one of those beds once (at a hotel). It was the best sleep ever. I keep dreaming of the day that I finally give in and buy one. It will be pure bliss. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog the other day. I hope to see you again. ;)

    1. Great minds think alike! You'll get there. You'll get your house too. Looking forward to seeing more posts on your blog!

  3. I had to chuck our water filter pitcher recently because I couldn't devise a way to get it clean without breaking it. Not a brita, a different one that attaches directly to the tap. Might have to go get another one... but I don't want to repeat this cycle every two years!

  4. Usually I don't know you can't clean it until I clean it and ruin it. I have one of those do not clean pillows and I drool like a fiend. I actually put a hand towel over my pillow at night to sop up the drool and you can move it around so your head isn't in the wet spot. I'm sure the pillow is still disgusting though so let's pretend it doesn't exist. But yes--sleep by number bed saved our marriage. Or my back. I need my rock, hubby needs to sleep on a pile of cotton balls.


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