Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My clothes keep multiplying. I'm getting better at not acquiring so many items. But unfortunately changing this habit isn't as easy as poisoning some grain on a space station. Okay, I'll stop with the Star Trek allusions for now.

As I recap my spending this month I'm taking a closer look at how many objects I'm bringing into my home. Not only do these things take up space but they tend to be unnecessary purchases. This month I purchased five objects that weren't consumable. Two of the five were pieces of clothing:

A pair of bike shorts to replace the old ones that I finally admit don't fit. It's hard to tell ED that it's okay that I need bigger bike shorts. But this made it final. I'm okay with this decision.
A pair of track pants. I got these because they looked incredibly comfy and I wanted something that would give me an excuse to get out of my work clothes when I get home instead of keeping them on and doing things like, oh, baking. And messing up my clothes. And needing to spend a fortune on dry cleaning. I know this was a lousy reason to spend a ton on another pair of pants. Next month my goal is to not buy any more clothes.

To keep up with my Friday's Fashion Fallout, I'm getting rid of three items:

Two more pairs of cycling shorts
, replaced by the new bike shorts. These old bike shorts are multiplying like Tribbles. There will be more, I promise. I know there's at least one more pair in my dresser at my parents' place.  Their fate: The Goodwill store.

An old pair of scrubs that are stained in some unfortunate places. These can't be worn out of the house anymore. The track pants will replace them. Fate: rags.
Do you keep track of how many objects you purchase each month?


  1. I'm chuckling to myself imagining your bureau drawers cooing and purring filled with clothing tribbles. Things do seem to multiply in there don't they?

    I'm actually getting to the place where I'm sort of happy when something breaks or wears out because it means I can get rid of it. I broke a ceramic spoon thing last week - don't know what it's called... it sits on your stovetop and you put cooking spoons in it so you have a place to put them while you're cooking without dirtying up the stovetop. Anyhow, I can use a plate.

    I've also decided that my favorite jeans shorts are beyond repair. They've been patched countless times, but it's getting to the point where the fabric itself is just disintegrating. So I guess their little life has come to an end. I also finally decided that it was time to buy new washcloths because mine literally have holes in them. So I did buy a package of 15 new washcloths for $5. Three for a dollar isn't a bad price.

    Now I just have to figure out what to do with the dead washcloths and disintegrating jeans shorts. I think both are too far gone to even use as rags since the material is just falling apart. I wonder if there's some place that recycles textiles. Or perhaps I should just (gulp) throw them away!

    1. I think the funniest thing is that I really did have a tribble in my dresser drawer at one point. My mom got it as a gag gift from my dad. It seemed an appropriate place to keep it. No idea where it is now.

      It sounds like you've really used the jeans and the rags to the max. In the states you can donate cloths and jeans to Habitat for Humanity. They use them as insulation for houses, believe it or not. But sometimes things are just ready for the trash...or compost pile. Can you compost jeans?

  2. Hi! I am enjoying your blog, as you show what a learning curve it takes to develop minimalist habits, like not buying stuff. I keep track of all my spending each month, not just on objects, but everything. I know how much I spent and what I spent it on. It's all in a spreadsheet. Each month I check to see if I have any savings that month or if I spent more than I earned. I'm doing better this year than last year. I didn't save anything last year as I was furnishing my new home. That's my excuse, anyway!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm always glad to hear from other people who have tracked their spending and acquisitions successfully. I've had so many false starts and you're an inspiration to me. We just bought our place so we're putting a lot of money into fixing and furnishing. So you're not the only one who hasn't saved much because the new home devoured it all :o)

      Hope to see you here again soon!

  3. I don't think I've ever kept track of my spending on items. I probably should have done so when I was buying all those DVDs, because if I had kept a list I would not have acquired so many!

    I don't buy enough clothes to keep track; when I purged over half my wardrobe it was mostly things I had bought over a 12 year period.

    1. You have the right idea -- don't buy enough that you have to keep track! I'm very impressed how long you've made your clothes last.

  4. I don't keep track of how many items I buy each month, but I should. I bet it would be cringe-worthy. How would I do that, though? Just stuff I buy or what the whole family buys? That would be overwhelming. I assume groceries and medical purchases don't count, only non-consumables?

    1. I just do the non-necessities, non-consumables, and I only look at the stuff I buy for just myself. You can't control your family, right?


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