Monday, July 16, 2012

(last) Friday's Fashion Fallout: oh, but they feel so good!

Okay, just the fabric feels good.

Sorry for the delay folks, work has gone crazy this week *and* the hubs is out of town so I'm stuck doing my own dishes <whine>. Free time is not as abundant as it was.

Last Friday morning I realized that a piece of clothing can feel good...while feeling absolutely awful at the same time. Here's the little conversation I had with my jeans at 6:30 AM last Friday:

Jeans: ooh, it's Friday. Wear me, wear me!
Me: Okay, I think you're too short...
ED: You're too fat for them...
Me: Oh hell, let me just try them on.
(puts jeans on and successfully buttons them with minimal agony)
Me: See? The fabric feels great.
ED: They make you look fat.
Me: ED, fat is not a feeling.
Jeans: Keep us! Keep us! Feed me, Seymour!
Me: I have to go to time to talk to inanimate objects!
Jeans: Before you go...did you realize we display your beautiful ankles when you walk so everyone can see them? And your belly button too? And make you look like you took up a side job in plumbing when you bend down?
Me: uh.....okay, these don't feel so good after all. I think I've found my weekly item to discard.

Lesson learned: there are lots of things that we judge a piece of clothing on when we play the keep/toss game. If it doesn't pass every test (fabric, fit, length, height, tightness, whether it talks to you....) then it probably needs to go. The space in the closet is worth it.

I'm now down to my goal number of jeans: just three! One junky pair for painting/camping/etc, one really good pair for work and a spare for when the others are in the wash. 

Item 133: Jeans that never really felt good. Money wasted: $25.

Total money wasted on stuff this year: $1437.00.


  1. I have done the same thing, several times! Except my pants don't talk to me, we have a more telepathic relationship I think.

    I think I posted last week about clearing out some more clothes. I had tried them on, and I had to suck in my stomach to button them. It was so uncomfortable. To the thrift store, they go! I've learned to just buy pants that fit now, and don't worry that buying a larger size means admitting I am overweight and have too much belly.

    See, men go through this too!

    1. That is very comforting to hear. I mean, comforting for me, unfortunately not so good for you! But you have a great point. If we stop worrying about what size we are, it's so much easier to just buy new pants, and so much easier to be comfortable. Who cares if you're a 34 instead of a 32, or an 8 instead of a 6? No one else. Who cares if I'm uncomfortable in my jeans? Me.

  2. I laughed out loud. I need to have more conversations with my clothes. Like that shirt that squeezes my arms. Or the capris that I can't sit down in.... but they look so very cute when I am standing up! LOL

    1. Glad you enjoyed it :o)

      I think my clothes only seem to talk to me when I'm standing up. Or at least, that's the only time I'm actually listening to the "keep me! keep me!" suggestion that they keep whispering. I think you've come up with a new clothing decluttering rule: Make your decisions to keep pants based on what they feel like sitting down!

  3. Our minds (and clothes) must be in sync! It's funny, though, because from the picture, they look like a fantastic fit! Onto better talkin' jeans ;)

  4. I have those same conversations with myself about my clothes. I tossed probably 90% of the ones that spawn those mean hateful comments from myself to myself. I'm sure I still have a few more to get rid of, but I'm happy to see the mean ones go. I'm sure they will say lovely things to other people, just not on me.


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