Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some days I'd rather throw my laundry in the trash than wash it (items 28-32: laundry-related stuff)

Clothes are often one of the biggest clutter problems women have. But did you ever think about how much stuff you have to take care of those clothes?

Let's see, what's involved in keeping clothes clean?

Hampers. Yesterday morning I found we had six of  these. Six! Gah!

Irons and Ironing Boards. We had two of each of these last month. My sister took one of each before I started this declutter challenge.

Cleaning products. 

  • Bottles of regular detergent: 2.

  • Stain sticks: 1.

  • Tubs of Oxy Clean: 1.

  • Bottles of specialty swimsuit cleaner: 1.

What other cleaning products for clothes do you have? How many of them do we really need?

Some of the hampers were the first to go. We picked kept the ones that fit best in a small space.


The swimsuit cleaner seems likely, but I swim every day in the summer. I'll keep it to use, but won't replace it when it's done.

I've also decided not to keep extras of cleaning items from now on. We live three blocks from a CVS. I don't need to keep a second bottle of detergent in case we run out. So I'm finishing off the detergent today and we'll have just one bottle.

Oh, and I had to throw in some laundry, of course! I officially hate all free promotional products now.

~The Reckoning~

3 hampers, 1 shirt, 1 spare bottle of detergent.

Original Cost: The hampers were Josh's. He did need them for the four years he lived alone, so I won't count the cost. The shirt was a freebie. The detergent was also used so I won't count that either.

What convinced me to get rid of them:  My "no duplicates allowed" rule. And the shirt didn't fit either one of us.

Fate: Hampers:  local thrift shop. Detergent: used it up. Shirt: thrift shop.

Total $ wasted on junk so far this year: $158.


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