Monday, March 31, 2014

sweet and sour

Our lemon tree 
One of my favorite activities is gardening. It's not quite gardening season for us here in DC but I'm getting psyched. It's something I can do that costs very little money but brings me a lot of joy.

This year we got very lucky with the little lemon tree we got from my sister-in-law. We got six lemons. We used every single one. We made dairy-free lemon gelato with the last lemons and the candied the peels. They're even better than those gummy fruit slices you get at Passover.
Candied lemon slices

Unfortunately the poor little tree has died back now. We've kept it indoors through the cold temps, but we'll have to see if it comes back as the weather gets warmer.

Have you ever tried growing lemons? Did your tree die back?


  1. Hmmm... CatMan has a little miniature orange tree, but he keeps it inside year round. Alas, since the adorable yet challenging Smoky Bear Kitty came into my life, indoor plants are a thing of the past for me - well, unless you count kitty greens. So I have no advice to offer.

    1. I suppose that's one good thing about me being allergic to cats, I can still have plants lol. Does CatMan's tree ever lose all/most of its leaves?

  2. I have no lemon tree experience but do have fig tree in the house. A couple things come to mind. One is many plants will drop their leaves following a big climate change. Or it may simply be undergoing it's winter hibernation, like my fig does every winter. If the branches are still flexible and show green if you scrape the branch with your finger nail, don't give up on it, it will probably come back once it's back outside. And check for pests, especially spider mites.

    1. Hm, some of the branches are still flexible, others seem to be dead. It looks free of pests and mites. We'll have to see what happens when it gets warmer. I'm still hopeful. Thanks for the tips!


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