Saturday, January 18, 2014

On the second day of ebaying, my clutter gave to me...

a way to grow pot at home without getting caught. Just kidding. But not quite.

I love to garden and last year I bought an aerogarden for my office. This gimmicky contraption looks like this:

I kept it at my office and loved it for a while. I bought large quantities of aerogarden-related equipment thinking that I could continue to grow lots and lots of plants! This was how I figured out that apparently the aerogarden is how a number of people grow marijuana at home. The number of websites to buy this stuff that also give advice on growing pot....definitely not good to look at while at the office! Anyways, I loved it, until I discovered that the thing is practically impossible to clean. I also hate having a light on all the time and a pump running, and the electric waste is just sad. 

Anywho, the aerogarden itself had to get trashed, but the liquid food I put and sold on ebay. I bought it for $25 and sold it for $23, after shipping I took home $17 -- a loss of $7. $23 more towards the student loans though. 

The aerogarden itself was $55. Fun while it lasted though. Items 205 and 206 are gone, and $62 is down the drain. $2512 wasted on stuff I never should've bought.

What gimmicky products have you fallen for?


  1. Not a total waste, as you did enjoy it for a while :)

    My biggest waste of money was probably the iPad- it's great, but as I still need a traditional PC, it's just another bit of tech clutter! Admittedly when I bought it, my desktop was super slow and old, but I'd been managing before! Now I have a new laptop (desktop went bang!) and smartphone, iPad is definitely superfluous. Anyway, iPad has been turned off for a week to see if I can manage without it...and halfway through week it's been so easy without it! I think I am actually spending less time on the internet and more time reading/knitting, too- yey!

    1. I also have had both and found that I only ever end up using one or the other! I finally gave up and leave the ipad at work and the laptop at home. You've got a great point about spending more time doing the things that you want to be doing. My friends who don't have computers at home seem to do many more fun activities than those of us I know (cough, me, cough) who spend all of our time futzing around on the laptop/ipad!


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