Saturday, January 11, 2014

My eating disorder made me waste money on….(part I)

It’s January. Half the US is now on a diet. Or something like that. Americans spend millions (or is it billions?) each year trying to be thin. What if we’d spent that money on something that would actually do good for our society?

I’ve lost an incredible amount of money by trying to control my life by severely controlling my weight. Some of these things aren’t physical objects that I can declutter but I think it’s important to remove them from my life all the same.
Here’s the most recent one. I gained 20 pounds because of my latest anti depressant and this triggered some dieting behavior again. In November I spent $16 on this case of diet drinks. I tried one and then realized they were revolting. And that I wanted real food, not water with whey protein and fake vanilla flavor added.
Someone I know who is healthy and doesn't have an eating disorder apparently finds these helpful for staying full at breakfast, so I’m gifting her the box.

Money spent on my eating disorder so far: $16.  This is now decluttered object #203. So far I’ve wasted a total of $2384 on stuff I never should’ve bought.


  1. Oh I so feel you on the dumb food purchases. I get into phases rather than diets where I really want to eat cleaner/healthier/whatever, so I go out and buy the stuff I think I need like vitamins or supplements or protein nonsense. Then there's The Husband who also likes to try varied diets (his is more for getting buff rather than losing weight). His latest purchase is a food scale. We'll see how long he actually uses the thing. I currently have a half full glass jar with protein powder he HAD to have, but no longer uses. The one thing I have learned is to either not buy new things at Costco and return the item if I try it and hate (like the horrible dried edamame & fruit mix. YUCK!). I've gotten getter at lowering my dumb food purchases, but I'm still trying to get The Husband to think a bit more before purchasing.

    1. LOL we have a food scale and my husband loves it! Though he makes pizza a lot and swears by weighing flour instead of measuring it with a cup.


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