Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Silly wedding gifts

I was *not* smart when I registered for gifts for our wedding. Apparently some wedding website thought it brilliant to suggest that you register for three times as many gifts as guests. We had 105 people at our wedding. Yes, I registered for 300 gifts.

We live in a 1200-square-foot condo. We lived in 900 square feet when we got married. It was also a high rise with no patio. And yet somehow I managed to register for a lawn mower and a charcoal grill. I was drunk on the American dream.

Fortunately the lawn mower didn't show up but the grill did! My MIL was kind enough to keep it for a while but we took it back last month.  Since then I've had one of these things sitting in our soon-to-be Matrix movie-watching room:

This grill can be yours for the low, low price of $79.99! Or almost $100 when you decide you need to also register for the charcoal starter chimney! Ugh. What was I thinking?!

I'd listed it on craigslist with no takers, not surprising given that it was 40 degrees this week. But Sunday we went out to lunch with my ex-boyfriend's college roomate and friends...though not the ex-boyfriend, haha. Two of the friends got married this summer and we've all attended each others' weddings. We were talking about awful/useless wedding gifts that we've received and the Chief Engineer brought up the silly charcoal grill that was taking up space in our back room. I was bemoaning the fact that no one was buying it when my friend chimed in, "Hey, I'll take it!"

He paid for our lunches and we drove him home to hand over the grill. I am so happy to see that thing gone from our back room!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the cheeseboard that someone gave us as a wedding gift...to my dairy-allergic husband. Le sigh.

What were your silliest wedding gifts or registry items?

The Reckoning

We could've registered for something sensible that we would use, but instead we wasted that one gift on a grill.

Items 192 and 193: a weber kettle grill and charcoal starter.
Value: $100
Total money wasted on stuff we shouldn't have bought/registered for:



  1. Wow! That would have taken up heaps of space in the spare room. Ours takes up space in the workshop and usually gets used once or twice/year, however, it stays for the moment.

    The cheeseboard?? *shakes head*

    1. yeah, I guess it's pretty obvious that the person who gave us the cheesboard had never met my husband!

  2. I went a little crazy on our registry, I think. One of the things that we shouldn't have gotten (or chose differently) were our dishes. I picked out these super heavy ones from Target, and they were going to be our "nice" dishes. They rarely got used, and by the time we did start using them, we found they were too heavy for little kids and couldn't fit in our dishwasher. I ended up selling what we had left on Craigslist and bought some cheapy Ikea ones in bulk with the expectation that small children would break them. They are holding up ok...and fit in the dishwasher :)

    We did get one thing we would have never registered for--a square wood bowl with shiny river rocks and candles. I used up the candles and saved the bowl which is now our fruit + veggie bowl for the counter. I was glad we found a use for it!

    1. We got a bowl, too, except it was supposed to be for salad. it's also our fruit bowl, too. It's hard to find a bowl big enough for enough fruit for a family. Sounds like it made a gorgeous fruit bowl for you

  3. A gift that every couple needs is beautiful frames to display their beautiful wedding photography in once they are married.
    gift ideas for 1st anniversary

    1. Oooh we did get those....and gave them away! We don't have any photographs up in our house lol! So definitely not a gift *every* couple needs ;)

    2. yes, I too have a pile of frames left that I need to give away. We did get one lovely one though. Not a bad choice for a couple, but best if you know they actually like photos!

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