Sunday, November 24, 2013

Freecycle success!

I've had mixed success unloading things on eBay. Yes, I've made money, but in the end it often goes like this:

1. post
2. repost
3. repost
4. sale!
5. locate packing materials. which really means, dumpster dive for old boxes
6. wrap
7. walk to post office
8. fork over almost as much money as I'm making to ship the darn thing
9. FINALLY get paid!  wait. I made $2 for all that work. ugh. 

Our thrift shop is a very long drive away. Time to let people come to me. Hello, freecycle!

This week we got rid of three big things on freecycle:

This college flag from the Chief Engineer's school days

this trashcan

and this construction box.

Why do I have one of these? Because when I went to college my mother felt that I was very sick and needed a ton of medications to take with me. She filled it. Now I use a drawer for my meds and a medicine cabinet for my personal care items.

The Reckoning

The flag was apparently worth it for the Chief engineer. The trashcan was picked up from my MIL's stash when she cleaned out a while back. I have to stop picking up free stuff! At least there was no money wasted.

And my mom bought the construction box. So three items gone, but at least no money wasted.

*196 items decluttered*

$2350.99 wasted on junk


  1. Awesome! I've had AMAZING luck selling, buying, and giving on Craigslist. Is it big in your area? I've seriously listed weird random things on CL and had them picked up 10 minutes later. I can never go back to Ebay after my CL success :)

    1. 10 minutes?! I need some of your CL mojo, girl! That's incredible!

  2. I love Freecycle for exactly the reasons you mention. I simply do not have the time or energy to spend try to sell and recoup a small amount of money in most instances. I find it is much better to give the item away to someone who actually needs it.

    It sounds as though you are still make progress on the decluttering journey.

    Good luck and best wishes.

    1. Thank you! I'm still enjoying your blog very much. You'll see comments from me again soon :o)


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