Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This shoe fetish has to end

A while ago I posted about my obsession with shoes. I haven't counted in a while, but I recall that in college I had 23 pairs sitting outside my room. That doesn't include what I had in the room, and the equally large collection I kept at my parents' place. When I lived alone, I went shoe shopping at least one Friday a month to keep myself amused. No more.

I've stopped acquiring shoes. The hurdle now is learning to get rid of the ones I have that I don't need, or that I keep for the wrong reasons. I seem to strongly associate shoes with my mother. How do I know?

I bought these because they reminded me of a pair my mom had that were just like them. 
They give me blisters, yet I kept them. Cost -- $40. To emulate my mother. This is so wrong.

I LOVE purple. I will keep things just because they're purple. Mom got these for me as a Christmas gift years ago. They're a size 8. I'm a size 7. They are also way, way too heavy for me to wear. Free from her.
I got these on a trip to Germany with my sister. It's pretty much the only time she and I have ever gotten along, and that was probably only because we exchanged about 50 words between us on the whole trip. And apparently my feet have shrunken because they fit when I bought them in 2007, and they're too long and too narrow for me now. I paid 99 Euros, which apparently was about $126 in 2007.  *sobs*

Everything got freecyled. My closet has a little more room and I feel a little lighter emotionally. I can't stand to look at things that remind me of my sister or my mom right now and none of these shoes actually fit. I need to stop buying things to emulate my mother. I need to stop keeping things because I associate them with a particular family member. I will be happier and wealthier in the end for it.

So, items 188, 189, and 190 are shoes that don't fit. I wasted $166 on them. I got rid of them on Freecycle, which is my new favorite way to get rid of clutter. I've become too lazy to walk in the DC heat to the clothing donation boxes a mile away.

Total money wasted on stuff I never should've bought: $2224.99.

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