Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A sure sign it's time to start some serious decluttering again

One of my first decluttering victories was getting rid of enough stuff that we no longer had to store things under our bed. Not like anybody looks under our bed, but I think a clear under-bed space is important for health reasons. You can't vacuum easily if there's junk under there. We both have asthma, so it's a big deal.

We just got back from visiting the Chief Engineer's mom and I always take my guitar with me because I don't want to go an entire weekend without playing. But when we got back I put the guitar in the stand in the living room and then the Chief Engineer asked where we should put its (very large) hard case.

"Where was it last time?" I asked, as he had kindly picked the place to store it the last time, and fetched it before we left.

"Under the bed," he replied.

Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

We have a robot vacuum so I hadn't had reason to look under the bed recently. But if we've gotten cluttered enough that the guitar case has to go under the bed and can't fit in a closet, then I'm starting to get too cluttered. Time to get the decluttering mojo back. Any ideas how?

not cool.


  1. I find that re-reading Miss Minimalist's blog posts helps me get my clearing out mojo back..are there any blogs that have inspired you in the past?

    1. I think I left many minimalism blogs behind when I got tired of "professional minimalism." But Francine Jay isn't pompous, and she's a good read. Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist and Robert from Untitled Minimalism I also haven't re-read in ages. Thanks for the encouragement!


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