Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not ready to get rid of it? Try lending it first

One of my favorite "less stuff, more fun" websites is the Center for a New American Dream. One of their highlighted links today was to a great article about five ways to get rid of stuff without having to pay to have it taken away.

But what if, like many of us, you're not ready to give something away? The article suggests lending the item for a while. New sites like NeighborGoods and Acts of Sharing are like care shares for household stuff.

I've never tried it but I like the idea that I could loan out something I don't use much to see if I can get by without it. Or even better, it would be great to be able to borrow some household items instead of having to buy them.

Has anyone ever tried one of these sites?

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  1. I've never used those sites, but I have leant out things I wanted to see if I could live without many times. Books, furniture, craft items, maternity clothes and baby gear... most times I eventually let them know they can keep the item, sometimes they say they are done with it and ask to bring it back and I get to tell them to pass it onto someone else!


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