Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Net worth update: Month 1

This month was my first month of recording my finances. I've been separating myself financially since we split in April and it's taken me a while to get back on my feet. My goal for this month was to build up my emergency fund. This took priority over debt repayment. And it looks like I did pretty well.

Start: 7/8/20157/13/20157/20/20158/1/2015Month's ChangeYear's Change
Car loan (3.45%)(21,682.00)(21,691.21)(21,691.21)(21,325.73)356.27356.27
Paypal (0%)(200.00)(200.00)(180.00)(170.00)30.0030.00
Credit card (0%)(3,000.00)(2,975.00)(2,975.00)(2,975.00)25.0025.00
Student loan 1 (2.65%)(1,510.81)(1,510.81)(1,510.81)(1,510.81)0.000.00
Student loan 2 (2.65%)(4,845.64)(4,845.64)(4,845.64)(4,845.64)0.000.00
Car value14,232.0014,232.0014,232.0014,
Car insurance jar0.
Skis jar0.000.000.0027.6027.6027.60


My net worth went up by $1966.00 this month! That's an absurd sum, given that my entire budget after I pay the mortgage is $2500/month. Some of it was good saving. This past week I only spent $300. But mostly it came from cashing in my Health Savings Account refunds. I put all of that money towards my savings account. I don't expect to have this much of a bump again. I expect to be able to save $150 or so per week, or $600-$700 a month. There were also no disasters this month, and that's good.

Looking forward to another good month next month.

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