Sunday, April 14, 2013

Two-by-fours in front of the piano

The past seven days have been pretty momentous for me. On Thursday I graduated from seven weeks of intensive outpatient treatment for the eating disorder I've struggled with since 2001 (go me!). While I'm by no means fixed, and I'll fight this for the rest of my life, I'm much, much better than I was before I started treatment. It's nice to have 15 hours of my life back each week.

Also last week our contractors started work taking down the kitchen wall, I gave a well-received presentation in front of 200 people and started to possibly get over my phobia of public speaking, I played my guitar and sang in front of human beings other than the one I'm married to, and got psychologically ready to turn 30 tomorrow. Okay, there wasn't much work with that. I'm pretty excited about being 30.

I definitely wasn't sleeping much last week and I was really concerned that all of the disorganized patterns of life that I learned growing up would rear their ugly heads amidst the insanity. Funny thing was, the condo was more organized last week than it's been in ages. I couldn't afford not to be organized.

But the minute everything was over on Friday afternoon, this happened:
So I've kept the kitchen neat (AND THE WALL IS GONE!!)
There's only a small amount of clutter on the kitchen table...and a melon
Yes, I did leave a pillow on the table next to the front door
The gerbils, the contents of the kitchen and part of the dining room had to migrate
into the spare bedroom during construction
And this photo is just here to prove that the last one really isn't as bad as it looks
Ignore the floor...I kept my nightstand clear. I get points for that, right?
My bathroom has stayed organized--
I only had to pick two shirts, one jacket, and my sneakers off the floor to take this picture.
Thank heavens!
But this is my personal favorite...
The two-by-fours in front of the piano make me laugh every time. 
And they're not going anywhere for a while.

If I learned anything from my eating disorder treatment, it's that I need to have a little more compassion for myself. I was freakin' exhausted after the last seven weeks and I just didn't want to expend the energy to be neat this weekend -- and that's okay! It's just one weekend. And three weeks of construction. 

See you later this week for a return to our regularly scheduled decluttering. 

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  1. Whoo - congrats on finishing the intensive. That sounded like a LOT of time commitment. Like a lot a lot!
    Haha - our place was a woodworking shop for like six months. I finally cleaned up the last of my tools and the sawdust yesterday and it feels SO GOOD to be done with that stuff. Now, in a few weeks I have to finish the other woodworking project that's partially done, but for now that's only two boards hanging out in the hallway.


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