Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back room deals

Work on cleaning and organizing our spare bedroom continues, as I don't seem to have time for much else right now. At least this way I can watch the progress. I've always felt that being able to see your progress when you're decluttering is extremely important, especially when you're trying to clean/organize/downsize an entire condo or house. Otherwise it can be a daunting and honestly depressing job.

You can check out the previous posts for earlier pictures that you can compare to these.

I confess, I'm not good at making beds.
Look! The bags of clothes are gone!
Skis are still there though.
Most of the difference comes from having gotten rid of several bags of ill-fitting, disliked, or otherwise ED-inducing clothing.


More pants
Oh look, more pants. And shoes.

That's a lot of gloves! And mom's snow pants, turned inside out.  But those are a size six, and neither one of us has been that size for a while. Out they go.
In total it's 17 items. I'll skip adding them to the decluttered items list though because I really want to save that for the big stuff. Clothes come and go in my life especially now that my weight is all over the place with treatment. I may have gotten rid of 17 things, but I just bought 8 pairs of paints in two sizes, three shirts, and a pair of shoes to match the shirts and my new and improved mood. I'd grumble, but right now making myself feel good in clothing is extremely important. Whether or not my pants are loose and comfortable regardless of their size can literally be the difference between two days of bingeing followed by days of starvation, and "normal," relaxed days. But we'll discuss that later.

Forward momentum!

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