Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fruit...on little sticks.

Life is like a mixed drink. It can be clear, sparkly, and beautiful

And sometimes you don't even have to pick the fruit for your drink. Sometimes it just comes on little sticks.

It's often best enjoyed by a setting sun. 
Our Caribbean trip had many sweet, beautiful flavors. But a good drink is sweet with a bit of sour tang.  

Like realizing that even in paradise life may not seem so idyllic. On a drive back from the lunch with the drinks with fruit on little sticks, I was reminded to be thankful for what I have and to realize what my money could do for others if I would spend less on stuff, and more on people who truly need it. It's hard to see, but this family didn't have money for a child gate for the kid in the doorway. That's a piece of plywood being used as a play gate. Do I need crap to make myself comfortable? Or does a small child need the money my crap could buy?
We need the sour to appreciate the sweet. The morning after we got home from the Caribbean, I ran a 5k. As I started running, I was bemoaning the weight that I was sure I had gained from overeating (but fortunately not bingeing) on vacation. I whined about how my physical condition was holding me back...until I saw this man.
I know him. He works at the same place I do and he regularly finishes in the top tier in races on campus in spite of only having one leg. And I complain about a few extra pounds and use that as an excuse for not running.

So yes -- I spent too much money on vacation. Yes, I bought something I didn't need. Yes, I gave into my eating disorder and substantially overate too many times.  Yes, I've gained 15 pounds since I got married and ED is having a field day making me miserable. But you know what? Everyone falls out of the saddle once in a while. I can dust myself off and get back up. Because I have so many fewer obstacles to fight in life than so many people. I know I can do it.

How do you get yourself back on track after a vacation?


  1. What a good lesson: to be grateful for what we have, now (instead of waiting until a contrasting example from some less fortunate person crosses our path).

    This coming week, I need to appreciate that we have family members to visit, and that we are in (relatively pleasant) relationships with them. That will be my mantra after we get back from our Thanksgiving trip, full of stress and unhappiness from whatever has gone wrong. (Is that too pessimistic? I should say *if* anything has gone wrong, shouldn't I?)

    (Also - beautiful sky photos - and I am super jealous of your bare feet in the sparkling water!)

    1. Maybe they should change the holiday to "Miserygiving!" So many of us seem to come back with "OMG, my family is AWFUL..." feelings. I hope you have an un-complicated visit home :o)


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