Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Fashion Fallout: I'm seeing double

My obsession with espadrilles is over!
Anyone else have a nasty habit of finding something you like in a store and then buying the same thing in a bunch of colors? Or finding something you like and being afraid it will go out of style, so you buy a bunch of them?

I'm trying to break myself of that shopping habit. But first -- let me get rid of my last pair of unloved espadrilles. I have one pair left that I love to death and will be keeping. But I don't need three pairs of esparilles! Another $20 down the drain, and one more item (#145!) for the Reckoning. That's $1574.00 wasted so far on junk.

It's Friday...what fashions fails have you decluttered today?


  1. I have that habit, too, especially when I find something on sale/clearance and it's an excellent price and unlikely to last long for much longer - although I'm torn about it.

    I have a handful of things in my closet that are doubles, that I fell out of love with without really needing or wanting the seconds - but I also have several items that I am tremendously grateful to my former self for buying seconds of. (And there are yet a few other items that I am just kicking myself for not having bought a second, because they're near the end of their lives, even with repairs, and I am not at all ready to give them up.) I think I need to just get better about realizing what's going to be a good, classic staple that I really will continue to want to wear, and what isn't. For me, it's a good tool, if I can refine my application of it....

  2. Oh I SO used to do that! I still have to fight that urge- I bought some yoga trousers recently and had to stop myself on several occasions from buying several pairs!

  3. Oh Lordy...I do the same thing. It's those darn sales racks.

    I'm also worried that a manufacturer will stop making a favorite item of mine, so I feel I have to buy several to "save" them for later. I really hope Target doesn't stop carrying those awesome micro tank tops. I have gotten a lot better, and now stop myself from picking up something I already have.


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