Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Fashion Fallout: What do you call two banana peels?

A pair of slippers! That would've been more fashionable than these hideous slippers:

Black watch plaid? What was I thinking?

It's Friday! What fashion fails have you gotten rid of today?


  1. Well, nothing specific for today.... BUT when I cleared out my closet earlier this year I got rid of about 6 or 7 dress shirts that were horrible, horrible plaids and other patterns. I didn't wear them much anyway, I only bought them because they were on sale and I needed some more shirts for work.
    Looking back, these shirts made me look MUCH older than I am (I'm 33), and they just were not my style at all.

    I hope you never wore these out in public!

    By the way- I can never use my wordpress login to comment- it always says the login contains illegal characters. Any ideas why?

  2. Maybe they were SUPER comfortable?! They sure do look it!

    As for me, I'm getting rid of some ill fitting shirts today as I found some replacements at Goodwill yesterday (although I'm sort of mad I didn't wait a few days until 1/2 Saturday, but oh was all of $12...but could've been $6! I'm too frugal lol!). I'm sort of liking my closet full of 2nd hand items. I feel a lot less bad when they end back up at Goodwill.

  3. Mine wasn't a fail, but sadly two pairs of boots which I love, but my feet have swollen and they no longer fit. I gave them to my mom to donate at the charity shop she works with. Sad but necessary.


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