Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August wrap up: oh yeah, it got worse

I spent less than last month, but not by much.

But most of last month's expenses came from eating disorder treatment and having to purchase two new pairs of glasses. I couldn't get around those expenses. But this month had far fewer required expenses and far more fun stuff.

Last month I said my goal was to cut down my clothing purchases. Well, I did that, but my entertainment purchases went way up. And I didn't even buy souvenirs when we went on vacation!

Add to it the fact that we went on vacation this month AND purchased tickets for next year's vacation. In all as a couple we spent EIGHT TIMES what I made in a month when I was in graduate school. And I survived on my grad school income with no help. That shows you how bad our expenses were this month.

Then I found out that our kitchen work has been moved up to next month, three months earlier than I expected. So I need to make sure we have the liquid cash to pay for it. This month I'm going to have to keep our expenses down or we we'll have to sell some stock or ask parents for short-term loans. I have no objections to that because the loans would be easily paid back in less than two months, when we were originally expecting to have the work done. And our parents offered up money to pay for our hugely expensive wedding, but we ended up refusing so that we could make the decisions about what we wanted. If I can FINALLY get my act together maybe I can get our bills down to less than $2000 this month.

So I'll be recording my purchases everyday. Here goes.

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