Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Fashion Fallout: there's a mumu in my closet

Everyone has at least one piece of clothing hidden in their closet that's really embarrassing. This is mine.

Okay, I'm lying a bit. It's actually not that embarrassing because it's not really mine. This one has a tale to tell and a lesson to learn from it, but it's one that better fits a post for my Grief and Clutter series, which I SWEAR I will return to. But that's for Sunday.

What's the most ridiculous piece of clothing you own, or have ever owned?

Item 138: A Hawaiian mumu! Off to the clothes donation box it goes.


  1. When I was a freshman in high school, my brother took me to go see some bands (Dillinger Escape Plan, to be exact). Since I was a boy-crazed 15 year old, I talked up the band after they played. I tried to convince the drummer to give me his drum sticks, but he gave me his shirt instead. It was this khaki button up Dickies shirt. Despite it being 4 sizes too big, I wore that thing in high school to show off. I think I finally got rid of it a couple years ago, but as hideous as that thing was, I still thought of its status of coolness haha!

  2. I'm sure I've had some doozies, but the one that came to mind was this tight black dress that had underwire bra cups and straps like bra straps. Yet, it was a dress. And I wore it in public a couple few times. Holy cow. I can't believe no one mocked me. I totally would have mocked me if I had seen me.

    1. Ah, Madonna dresses. Sometimes I wonder if stars try to set trends only so that they can laugh at the rest of us.


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