Sunday, September 15, 2013

Creating extra space in the fridge

If you've lived in a condo, apartment, or dorm, you're used to small fridges. I'm okay with a small fridge because it means there's less space to hide food. My family's fridge and freezer are so large and so full that food can literally go for years before it's unearthed.

But a small fridge is a little tricky if you like melons, or make large round containers of soup or casserole. What to do? Use your vertical space.

The two plates didn't fit next to each other. But put the one plate on top of the applesauce jar and eureka! They fit!

This trick can also be used when trying to get two bowls or plates in a small microwave.

Got any space-saving fridge or freezer tricks up your sleeve?


  1. Ha! That's a fantastic idea. I've gotten to the point where I just cut up the melons into pieces and store the pieces in a big bowl or something. I often use the plate as a lid on a big bowl and then stack more stuff on top of it!

  2. I second Cat + just cut up all the melon + put it in a square pyrex. Also, if it's the roundness of things that is causing space issues, why not put items in rectangular or square containers? These usually stack better too. My last suggestion is to try and use the smallest container you can for what you need to store. :)

  3. I avoid using casseroles that have knobs on the lids. If they don't, I can stack things on top.


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