Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Fashion Fallout: Seven Jeans, True Religion, I Say No But They Keep Givin'

I bought these jeans because of a song.

No, I'm not kidding! Fergie had a song with the lyric,

Seven jeans, True Religion, I say no but they keep givin'

when I was in grad school. And this incredibly consumerist and rather insultingly-titled song "My Humps" apparently got to me because I went out and bought a pair of Seven jeans on clearance when I had my first real job. I can't believe I actually listened to and liked Fergie at any point in my life.

Funny part is, I adored the jeans. They were the only pair I owned that was in good enough condition to wear outside of the house and I looked awesome in them. But now they've got holes in them. I replaced them with two pairs of jeans from Target, which fit better and cost the same amount as this one pair of jeans. I'm realizing now that I can't count these towards Friday's Fashion Fallout because they got replaced with not one but two items! But hey, at least I'm not holding on to them anymore even though I could probably get a couple more wearings out of them. Not without risking some pretty embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. 

Sad part is, with the Target jeans, no one compliments me on my rear end anymore. Or rather, on the label on my rear end. Not so sad.


  1. I've never heard of Seven Jeans. Just as well you get rid of them. Who wants to be known for the label they wear?! I hate buying jeans, you never know what they will fit like once you wash them so if I had a pair that fit well and were nice enough to go out in I would covet the heck out of them too!

    1. Isn't it sad how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that are nice enough to go out in? I tried on 24 pairs before I settled on the new ones. That was so painful I can't imagine paying designer prices on top of that!

  2. LOL :) I love your honesty, Joanna. I've had my days of low self-esteem, when I thought wearing certain labels would make people like me more, make me cooler, hotter, whatever... I now own one pair of dark organic jeans with no label on the outside.

    1. wow, I've never heard of jeans that didn't have a label on the outside! When my eating disorder calms down and I'm finally a consistent size, I'll look for those. Thank you for the idea!


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