Monday, December 3, 2012

Hoarder's Basement Video Tour

Before I dive into this, I want to make a quick shout-out to the ever-awesome Robert Wall of Untitled Minimalism. Robert interviewed me for his podcast a while back and just posted the interview here. Check it out.

If you can't get enough anti-hoarding inspiration, here's more. This is a tour of the room that has been completely devoured by the hoard. My parents' basement is a story of the tragedy that is hoarding. I used to be angry. But now it's just sad.

I'm not doing this to make fun of my parents. I'm showing this to make a point that hoarding hurts. It destroys relationships and lives by preventing those involved from living normal lives. It's a mental health condition that can be managed. If the hoarders are willing to get help.

This video is dark. It may be easier to see if you expand it to full screen size.


  1. It's such a waste of space! (as well as everything else) That basement could be used for so many things.
    Are all of those muffin pans new?!

    1. not sure how new...but definitely within the last 4 years. Which is better than most of what's down there. I think my mother's exercise bike is still down there. She stopped riding it before I was born.

  2. So my first instinct was that I just wanted to get in there and clean that up lol! But really, I feel your pain. As a child of near-hoarders, I understand the sadness as it feels like there is nothing you can do, especially as the child (since most parents still see us as 5/10/15/littler than we are). I so highly commend you for trying to change the cycle! I hope for your sake, your parents make some changes. Until then, all of us readers give you big hugs!

    P.S. You're SO right about that's way too cool to be hidden!

    1. mine too! It's all I can do not to start pitching things when I go into that basement. Unfortunately when I toss stuff she completely flips out. And I expect after I've left she finds something new to fill the space.


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